Friday, September 4, 2015

Certified Information Security Professional

It's official, I'm a CISSP now. After several weeks of study and review, I took the exam for the first time and passed. I was sweating bullets that morning for six hours long thinking to myself that I failed the test. I was surprised to see the words "congratulation" on the piece of paper the proctors give out at the end of the exam. Too bad ISC2 does not give out a score--I really want to know how well I did on the exam. I felt like I did poorly but that might just be me being too hard on myself. I think I might have over studied for this test even.

One thing I would recommend to CISSP candidates is to consider free study guides first before spending thousands on training seminars. You can save money by self-studying. This is already an expensive exam to pay for. Now, if your employer is paying for your training then by all means take advantage of it. The reason I'm recommending for self-study is because the topics and sub-topics are not that complicated. This exam is a "mile wide and an inch deep". If you can find enough time to go over all the material thoroughly then you will most likely pass it.

To all those planning on taking the CISSP exam good luck.

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